Artist • Composer • Writer

Art Commissions

Payment via Paypal Invoice ONLY, all prices in USD.

Category 1: Busts ($50)

Category 2: Waist Up/Thigh Up ($70)

Category 3: Full Body ($90)

Category 4: Chibi ($45)

Category 5: Character Design/Reference Sheet ($200)

Additional characters: +75% of base price
Excessive details: Case by case 20$-100$
Detailed Background: Case By Case 50$-200$
Licensing: Case by Case, Minimum 180$

Will Draw
Fanart/OCs/Real People
Tasteful Nudity
Animal Features

Excessive Gore

To commission, contact me through DMs on Twitter @runnerguitar or email [email protected]

Commission Form

Name & Tumblr, dA, or Twitter Username(s): (ex. Runner, [email protected])
Paypal: (your paypal email)
Commission Type: (ex. waist-up with background, full body x2, etc)
References: (image refs of your character, visual references only please!)
Extras: (short description of the character, pose preferences, mood, etc)

Drawing process will begin once full payment is received.

Inform me of needed deadlines, otherwise, commissions will be drawn in the order they are received.

I am allowed to reject any commision if I do not feel comfortable drawing it.

Once illustration process has begun, payment cannot be cancelled. If I am unable to complete the illustration, you will be offered a full refund.

You may display your commission where you like (with proper credit), and use it for personal use only. You may not use commissioned artwork for commercial purposes, or claim that you drew it.

Music Under Construction

Music Commissions Under Construction

To commission, contact me through DMs on Twitter @runnerguitar or email [email protected]

Payment via Paypal Invoice ONLY, all prices in USD.

Prices For Original Pieces
Jingle (A Minute or Less): $50
1-2 Minutes: $100
3-5 Minutes: $150

Every Additional Minute after 5: $40
Licensing: Case By Case: Minimus $180

I am Luis Guerrero

A Venezuelan artist, composer and writer living in Florida.
I work on character design and cell shaded illustrations. I also specialize in orchestral rock for my music.

Tools: Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
Music Software: FL Studio